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Supported Platforms

 C24.iO Studio IDEC24.iO Run-Time
OSX Yes Yes
Win 7 and 8 (x86/x64) Yes Yes
CentOS/RHEL 5.n/6.n/7.n (x86/x64) Yes Yes
Ubuntu Yes Yes
Common Linux distributions - Yes
AIX, Solaris, and all other JVM supporting OS's - Yes


If you'd like to understand more about how C24.iO works, then download the C24.iO Reference Implementation samples that include documentation, source code and data samples based on specific Standards Libraries

Go to C24.iO Technical Resources for C24.iO user reference materials.

What is C24.iO?

Streamline Development and Operations

Based on an open and standards-based approach to data interoperability, C24 Integration Objects (C24.iO) is a graphical, model-driven Integrated Development Environment (C24.iO Studio) and Run-Time that extends Java integration frameworks with data modelling, metadata management, message transformation and semantic validation for any data format.
With C24.iO Studio, data models can be quickly created or imported, versioned, specialized, differenced and merged, saving time and money in deploying integration solutions. To address constantly evolving schema and semantic changes across integration projects, C24.iO Studio provides robust model lifecycle management tools, so changes can be quickly implemented. Once models are created, high quality Java objects are generated for deployment in any Java container such as Spring Integration/Batch, Mule, Fuse or Oracle. 

Packaging Options To Meet Your Needs Today And Tomorrow

C24 Integration Objects is available in two options: C24.iO Open Edition is a robust, freely licensed product, and C24.iO Professional Edition is a subscription product with support for 40+ financial standards.


C24.iO Open Edition (pdf)

C24.iO Professional Edition (pdf)C24.iO Enterprise Edition (pdf)
C24.iO Studio IDE More about...
C24.iO Run-Time More about...
C24.iO Getting Started Guide  More about SDO's
C24.iO API Javadoc More about SDO's
C24.iO Ant Task Usage Guide More about SDO's
C24.iO Maven plugin Usage Guide  More about SDO's
C24.iO Reference Implementations More about SDO's
Custom Data Model Creation More about SDO's
Community-based forum ( -  More about SDO's
C24-iO Standards Libraries
FpML 4.n and 5.n  More about SDO's
ISO 20022 Repository More about SDO's
SWIFTNet FIN (MT) - + + More about SDO's
SWIFTNet Solutions (MX) - + + More about SDO's
ISO 20022 Domains Payments - + + More about SDO's
Securities - + + More about SDO's
Trade Finance - + + More about SDO's
Cards - + + More about SDO's
FX - + + More about SDO's
Euro Legacy Payment Schemes - + + More about SDO's
FIX and FIXML - + + More about SDO's
Simple Data Objects (SDO) binary codec capabilities - -  More about SDO's
Maintenance and Support Agreement -  
License Open License Commercial License Commercial License  


All The Tools You Need To Parse, Validate, Transform and Enrich Messages

 C24.iO includes the following product capabilities:


Function and Benefit

Open Data Import and Export

Facilitates generation and interoperability of data models.

  • Wizard-based Import: Support for Excel files, XML Schema Documents (XSD), XML Document Type Definitions (DTD), Web Service Definition Language (WSDL), XML Instance documents, Text files, Relational databases, Java classes, OASIS RELAX-NG and Cobol Copybook
  • Export: Generate XML Schema Documents, XML Document Type Definitions, OASIS RELAX-NG from existing data services.
Rich Semantic Validation Rule Languages Ensures the validity of data sent between applications. Users can
  • Specify XQuery and XPath expressions to evaluate cross field dependencies. Includes Java code that implements specific validation logic
  • Invoke Custom Factory Classes within validation rules to execute existing or customer logic in applications or databases
  • Define Domain Constraints for run-time configurable validations
Data Transformation Graphically associate fields of dissimilar source and target data models for the purpose of converting from one format to another. Smart Mappings will show valid mappings and suggest functions to convert current invalid mappings.
Change Impact Analysis Rapidly analyze the impact of changes to existing and specialized data models. Provides a detailed, component-level comparison and optional merge of two data models.
Data Model and Component Versioning Supports versioning of data model components and resultant deployed code at any level. Allows a single object to be presented as many different versions concurrently. Allows consuming applications to migrate to new versions on their schedule.
Data Model Specialisations

Increases flexibility to adopt standard models company-wide to your business practices. Support for data model inheritance, extension and restriction.

  • Extend model through additional fields and rules. e.g. extend industry standard data model for internal data model.
  • Restrict based on valid values and company practices. e.g. not want to do trades with certain entities.
Code Generator

Generates high quality Java objects based on the data model created.

  • Highly performant compared with other black box transformation solutions or XSLT based approaches.
  • C24.iO run-time components can be quickly bound to files, databases, and a wide range of middleware transports. The code can be deployed on application servers, in custom frameworks, in Spring containers, in Jini environments, and with various ESB implementations such as Mule and Red Hat Fuse.
Transport Abstraction Layer

Define and test multiple transports from within the C24.iO Sudio IDE, shortening the data services development and test lifecycle

Support for over 50 common message transports including: FILE, JMS, AMQP, FTP/SFTP, HTTP, IMAP, POP, SMTP, JDBC, IRC, JBI, JETTY, JPA, MSMQ, TCP, UDP, MULTICAST

Collaborative Development

Leverage existing development and build practices. Enables integration into automated environments.

Generates ANT scripts and support for leading version control systems including Concurrent Version System (CVS), IBM Rational Clearcase and SubVersionN (SVN)

HTML Documentation Generation Generates reference documentation for transformations and data models, facilitating collaboration.
Aliases Users can define alternate names for message structures to more meaningful terms based for the business user or a regional localized dialect, e.g. “Field 71” used by the technical team is aliased as “Detail of Charges” for the business analyst.

C24 Integration Objects (C24.iO) is a data modelling, meta-data management, transformation, and messaging integration solution based on Java data binding technology...

C24 IO Standards Libraries

C24.iO Standards Libraries are specialised data models for specific integration scenarios like payments, securities and OTC derivatives automation. The libraries fully encapsulate standards such as SWIFT MT-MX, ISO 20022, SEPA, FpML and FIX...

C24-iO Download

Download your free copy today and accelerate the time to integrate and maintain data models, industry standards, and integration solutions...

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