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Parsing a SWIFT MT103

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Download the C24-iO SWIFT Reference Implementation that includes documentation with source code and data samples based on the commonly used MT103. Try this set of common use case ready-to-run reference implementations if you want a deeper look at how C24-iO SWIFT solutions work.


It can't be that hard for an experienced developer to code a SWIFT Parser - can it? We suggest anyone tempted should read this White Paper before trying -  "Just How Hard Can It Be To Parse A SWIFT Message?"

C24.iO SWIFT Standards Libraries

SWIFTNet FIN Enterprise and SWIFTNet FIN Select

The SWIFTNet FIN Standards Library includes all system, service and common group message types, and all MT message types as published by SWIFT. The released Standards Library is always kept synchronized with the current SWIFT Standards Release, and historical SWIFT Standards Releases from 2002 onwards are supported for off-net and historical integration requirements.


Want to know more about SWIFT?

Online SWIFT Validation Service 


Run Time

Design Time

All SWIFTNet System (MT0nn) message types

All SWIFTNet Service message types

All SWIFTNet FIN Common Group (MTn9n) message types

All features of the API

Atomic licensing per MT as required

All SWIFTNet FIN Network validation Rules

Pre-deployed run-time class libraries (.jar)

W3C XML Schema (XSD) for licensed MTs

Full suite of 28,000+ test case instance documents  

Full SWIFT Standards Release support and updates from SR2002 to the current release

C24-iO Studio metadata management capabilities to specialize and wrap the models and rules  


SWIFT Solutions

C24.iO Standards Libraries are provided for SWIFTNet Funds, SWIFTNet Derivatives, SWIFTNet Trade Services Utility (TSU), SWIFTNet Cash Reporting, SWIFTNet Proxy Voting, and SWIFTNet Exceptions and Investigations (E&I). Each Standards Library includes fully supported ISO 20022 message payloads within the SWIFTNet message envelopes that make up the MX message sets. It also includes full implementations of the published message models and the semantic constraint rules to ensure messages are syntactically and semantically correct, and instance test data for each message set for automated testing environments.


SWIFTSolutions: All C24.iO Standards Libraries

Run Time

Design Time

SWIFTAlliance envelope headers

SWIFTNet XML application header

Pre-deployed run-time class libraries (.jar)

Comprehensive instance test data sets for each message group

C24.iO Studio metadata management capabilities to specialize and wrap the models and rules  

SWIFTSolutions: SWIFTNet Funds Standards Library
Account Management message group and validation rules

Order and Confirmation message group and validation rules

Rejection message group and validation rules

Reporting message group and validation rules

Statement message group and validation rules

Transfer message group and validation rules

SWIFTSolutions: SWIFTNet Derivatives Standards Library
Full implementation of FpML Schema, examples, validation rules, narrative annotations

Implementation of constraint validation rules

Integration with generic code lists for validation against all ISDA published code-lists and extensions

Sample business process XML instance test data

Enables institutions to exchange well formed FpML messages using the SWIFTNet InterAct Store and Forward service

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