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SWIFT Financial Messaging Services


Need to Comply with Evolving SWIFT Standards?

Financial services firms have built extensive processing systems using legacy SWIFT MT messages as critical messaging data services for payments, securities and many other transactions. New business requirements and regulatory initiatives are putting pressure on IT to modernize and extend these systems with support for newer SWIFT MX messages.

  • Do you need to improve your SWIFT messaging development efficiencies?
  • Are you embarking on new SWIFT XML projects, such as DTCC corporate actions reengineering, funds automation, or legal entity identifiers (LEI) ?
  • Are you looking for a better way to parse, transform and integrate SWIFT messages?


Simplify SWIFT Compliance and Coexistence with C24

Rather than dealing with the costs and project delays of learning many financial services standards, hand-coding and testing schemas, transformations, and validation rules, C24 SWIFT Services lets developers use model-driven tools to import SWIFT data models, configure changes and specialize data for various constituents—from partner applications to business analyst spreadsheets.

C24's SWIFT Services solution includes C24 Integration Objects (C24.iO) Studio, Run-Time, reference implementations and pre-built SWIFT MT and SWIFT MX financial messaging standards libraries. Deployable as SWIFT Java objects, you can leverage your existing investments in Java middleware, such as Spring or Fuse.


Immediate Benefits with C24 SWIFT Services

 Financial organizations worldwide rely on C24 Integration Objects to:

  • Minimize the risk and the cost of failed SWIFT transactions through improved data quality
  • Reduce the maintenance burden of complying with yearly SWIFT standards changes
  • Complete messaging projects on time and on budget by using model-driven tools and pre-built SWIFT standards libraries

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C24 also provides solutions for payments, funds messaging, OTC derivatives STP,  and derivatives regulatory compliance.



C24 Integration Objects (C24.iO) is a data modelling, meta-data management, transformation, and messaging integration solution based on Java data binding technology...

C24 IO Standards Libraries

C24.iO Standards Libraries are specialised data models for specific integration scenarios like payments, securities and OTC derivatives automation. The libraries fully encapsulate standards such as SWIFT MT-MX, ISO 20022, SEPA, FpML and FIX...

C24-iO Download

Download your free copy today and accelerate the time to integrate and maintain data models, industry standards, and integration solutions...

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